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Exciting weekend!

This weekend was definitely exciting for me. After a couple of months of researching Amazon's Digital Text Platform and figuring out what I needed to do to publish something via the Kindle market, I got it done, my book went up, and I finally have both a page with reports on how my sales are going and an Amazon Author Central Page. (Changes to the AACP take a couple days to filter in; I've given it a link to the RSS feed for this blog, though.)

My husband has been working on the buy-from-us, download-non-Amazon-versions site. It's looking like we can get PayPal working with a couple more days of work, and then we have to learn how to use Google Checkout. (Actually accepting electronic payment ourselves without a third party is something for way off in the future, as merchant fees are pricey; at the moment, one month's merchant fees would eat up what I'm estimating would be five months' worth of my net sales, let alone the fees for each individual transaction. Online payments not using PayPal and Google Checkout are hard.) Hopefully by next Monday I'll have some good news on this front!

Speaking of next Monday, I'm going to try to post something or other every Monday; if there's one thing I learned from my (brief) adventures as a web comic writer, it's that success is partly a matter of having something out there on a regular schedule. My one fear is that I'm going to run out of things to say so fast that by the end of November you'll be getting nothing but cat pictures, but that is a risk one takes anywhere on the Internet, I suppose.

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