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All right, here's what's been going on over the past week:

I created a Shelfari page for Under Contract! (Suggested by one of the emails from Amazon's Author Central. Amazon really likes the idea of getting people to contribute to their own offshoot projects, don't they?) I might actually start using Shelfari to talk about the books I'm reading, although if it can only pull information out of Amazon's own database, I'm going to be limited in that regard. Hmm. We'll see how it works out. For now, I'm kind of excited by the idea of getting to add a Cast of Characters to the book page; that was fun.

Progress toward getting other file formats up and for sale: still ongoing. I am very lucky that my husband actually does internet marketing as a hobby, so he had Ideas About How To Do Stuff, and is working on the software (Magento, if you're curious, and yes, every time I look at that I see "Magneto"). In the meantime, I've registered "Helen Saito eBooks" as a business here in Washington State, and am waiting on paperwork that will let me open a bank account so I can, y'know, accept payments. :)

I've started working on Cascade #2 in earnest. I have a great fondness for book series where the author picks up secondary characters from previous books and tells their stories, so I'm picking up Demetri Brennan, Brian Patrick, and Rhys Fenton, and will be spending the next few months exploring their past histories, how they met, and what they end up doing after the events of Under Contract. (I had some brief thoughts of saving this story for NaNoWriMo next month, but then it occurred to me that I'd rather start working on it right now; my goal isn't to use NaNo as an incentive to start writing, but rather to finish a current project, and I have no desire to shoot myself in the foot by declaring arbitrary limits on when I get to start writing, you know? Why waste momentum and initiative if I've got them?)

As interesting as the business end of this has been, I have to admit that the thing that's most exciting about this whole project is the motivation I've got to work on original fiction. I'm really happy to be writing these characters, and I'm excited to have a whole new universe to write in. I'm looking forward to seeing where the characters take me this time around.

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