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One step from the Nook!

In the last couple of weeks since I started this project, Barnes and Noble opened their Nook Market (PubIt!). It's very similar to the Amazon Kindle Marketplace — when you publish a book with them, you grant them a nonexclusive right to distribute your book with them. Your book can't be priced lower anywhere else (just as it can't be priced lower anywhere else when it's listed with Kindle Marketplace).

The royalties are slightly different from Kindle Marketplace. There are, once again, two tiers — a lower tier for books you want to price below $2.99 or above $9.99, and a higher tier for books you're willing to price between $2.99 and $9.99. For Kindle, the lower tier is 35%; for PubIt, it's 40%. For Kindle, the higher tier is 70%; for PubIt, it's 65%. (Additionally, Kindle demands that any book in the higher tier be priced at least 20% below list price for the physical book. PubIt merely asks that it not be higher than list price for the physical book. Obviously, if you have no physical book, this isn't difficult…)

Of course, if you're selling on Nook, you also need to be aware that people can "lend" titles to each other for 14 days (one time only, and when a title is loaned out, the original owner can't access it), and people in a B&N storefront can browse the full text of a book for up to an hour per day. For someone like me, who says things like "No DRM, ever!" and "Creative Commons BY-NC-SA FTW!", this is not a big deal. If you're a little more protective of your work, you might not like these terms as much, particularly with a 5% reduction in royalties.

Still, Amazon seems to be pursuing the lending feature itself, so that's not really something you can avoid. I personally think it's great, and I wish lending were easier rather than harder, but then I am also happy to check the "NO!" button on Kindle and PubIt, when I'm asked "Do you want DRM applied to your book?" Indeed, if there were a "HELL NO, NOT EVER!" button, I would click that one instead. ;)

At any rate, I did successfully conquer ePub, and I'm all set to publish to Nook — as soon as these technical problems (on their end, according to their error message) stop me from uploading the file. (DRM-free, not-tied-to-a-distributor files are still on their way! End of November, I hope.)

As for what else I've been up to this week, I'm afraid the answer to that is "being sick" and "moaning a lot". I'm hoping this won't nuke my goal to write 50,000 words worth of sequel to Under Contract, but wow, I have not been able to concentrate for the life of me this week. (I'm also really unconvinced that 50,000 words will be enough to cover the sequel — and I hope it's not, because Under Contract was about 100,000, and I'd like to aim for that wordcount for its sequels — but we'll see what happens.)

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