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Pretend it's Monday!

All right, so I missed a Monday post this week. I blame the sinus infection. I have pretty much been doing this all week:

Orange Cat sits in my lap and snuggles me.

It's a good thing Olaf is the magical hypoallergenic cat, since I don't think treating a sinus infection with massive amounts of kitteh snuggles would help much if I were allergic to him. At any rate, having a cat in your lap makes it kind of hard to write, too, and my NaNo wordcount is looking a little dismal. I expect it'll pick back up in another week or so, but by then it'll probably be too late to catch up.

So is NaNo a good idea for me? I kind of wonder. I work best when I have routine to fall back on, and I thought NaNo would be great for routine-building, but I think 1667 words, day-in-day-out, may have been a little overly ambitious for this project. I had great results with, because 750 words seemed like a totally feasible amount to write every day. Not so much with 1667.

A do-it-myself-daily-word-count project might actually be the best possible thing for me. 500 words a day, counted on Twitter, perhaps? (It's good for me to start low and see about working my way up from there.) I'll think about it and come up with something the next time it's really Monday — Monday is always the best day of the week for me to start any new project.

(For the record, though, "Magnets" is now sitting around 23,000 words — which is both great and a little worrying. I'd envisioned it being a single, encapsulated book around the same length as "Under Contract", but looking at what I've written, what I still have left to write, and where the story's going, I'm not so sure this isn't two books in the making, if not three. On the bright side, writing three books back-to-back-to-back wouldn't be a bad thing at all…)

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