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DRM-free version now available!

I am totally jazzed to be able to offer a DRM-free version of Under Contract. The book has the same content as the Kindle/Nook versions (save for the fact that the PDF, HTML, DOC and RTF versions don't have cover art built-in) and is priced at the same $2.99 as on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

You can find Under Contract at my own personal shopfronthere's the link to the Under Contract page.

The store is currently PayPal only, and the sales tax thing doesn't quite work right (it won't charge sales tax even if you tell it you live in Washington, which is fine, it just means we'll be paying it for Washington residents ourselves right now; that will change down the road, though). Please let me know if there are any bugs in the process.

We're working on other payment options (Google Checkout, Amazon SimplePay), but at present, projected sales don't come anywhere near the point where processing credit card payments ourselves would make any sense (at the moment, it would cost me at least double if not triple my expected revenue just to pay for the monthly fees involved in being our own processor). So it is rudimentary, but it's there, and if PayPal works for you, and you have been waiting for a DRM-free edition, you are now good to go. :)

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