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The DRM-free site is up!

First of all, if you were one of the dozen or so people who bought Under Contract at — well, first first, thank you! But second, we've set up a redirect so that will now send you directly to the new, shiny, containing-two-books store,

Your login and password from will still work on Cufflink Works, and you will still have access to Under Contract! If you have any trouble with this at all, please email me at, and I will fix it! The one thing that can get in the way of a lovely DRM-free setup where you can download a book as many times as you want is, of course, URL changes. is the permanent site URL; the only reason I changed it at all is because, well, one of these days I may end up publishing something not by me. I'd rather have a non-name-specific web address and business name, in that case!

Anyway! Now that that's all out of the way…

Playing With Consent, available DRM-free in DOC, EPUB, HTML, MOBI, PDF and RTF!

As usual, it's very exciting for me to have this book up and running in a DRM-free version. I know it's never going to be as popular as the mass-market e-reader versions, but I'm happy to do it anyway… and hopefully, with all I've learned from doing it this time around, it'll be easier every time, and the gap between Kindle release and DRM-free release will shrink to just about zero with the next book. :)

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  1. orannia says

    Just purchased (yesterday) and am currently reading Under Contract. I'm really enjoying it and hoping this isn't the only book set in this world? *fingers crossed*

    • Helen S. says

      Thanks so much – I'm glad you're enjoying it! So far it's the only one, but I hope it won't be the last!

  2. C.J. says

    Hi Helen, any new releases on the horizon? Just wanted to let you know you have fans! I check your website every few months to see if there's something new out, since I so enjoyed both of your books. There's at least one peripheral character in playing with consent I would love to read about… (hint? prompt? who's to say…)

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