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Playing With Consent

Playing With Consent is a collection of short(ish) works, all inspired by a single theme: consent play.

You can find it:
In the Kindle store at ($2.99)
In the Kindle store at (GBP £2.10-ish, exchange rate depending)
In the Kindle store at (€ 2,40, exchange rate depending)
In the Nook store at ($2.99)

And coming soon:
At the Cufflink Works store! ($2.99, DRM-free, multiple file formats)

Synopsis: Lovers so familiar with each other they can pick out a couple of props and a safeword and improvise a scenario. A man who's not sure his partner can scare him, and the ways his partner proves him wrong. A dom who brings friends over to fulfill his muscleboy's fantasy. A top who's nervous enough about his desires that he needs his bottom to choose "all clear" words and gestures along with a safeword, so he can check in throughout the scene. A birthday present that comes complete with a guarantee that the birthday boy's going to have to fight his partner down hard to get what they both want.

There are all sorts of ways a consent play fantasy can work for the people involved. For some, just the idea of a fantasy in which "no" doesn't mean "no" after all is enough to get them interested in roleplaying. For others, the negotiation is almost as hot as the scene itself. In this collection, all the players are aware of what's going on, and they're Playing With Consent.

Sample chapters from Playing With Consent:
Tie Myself Up
You're The Boss