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Under Contract

Under Contract is the first book in the Cascade series.

You can find it:
In the Kindle store at ($2.99)
In the Kindle store at (GBP £2.17)
In the Nook store at ($2.99)
At my very own store! ($2.99, DRM-free, multiple file formats)

In a world where sex slavery has been legalized, sometimes being a part of the system makes things very complicated. Gavin's been a trainer at a slave brokerage company called Cascade for a very long time–ever since he earned his way out of his own slave contract. Now he's met someone he'd actually like to own: a new slave named Alex. Gavin's lover, Sam, is understanding and supportive–and very interested in bringing Alex home–but Gavin isn't sure it's such a good idea. He'd better think fast, though, because he's not the only one interested in Alex.

Sample chapters from Under Contract (Cascade #1):
Chapter One (adult content)
Chapter Two (adult content)